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Lab Tech


Game: Quake3 Urban Terror
Game Types: Team Deathmatch
Players: 12-16
Description: A high tech laboratory.


  • Early 2001


Labtech Image Labtech Image


After a bit of a break since releasing village for Beta1.0 I wanted to start work on a new map. I didn't want to do the same as everyone else and create a modern urban map, but I was still wanting to do something different from village, so I ended up going to the opposite extreme and started work on a high-tech research facility.

I made an early mistake that most inexperienced mappers like was end up doing: that is, deciding to make the map too large, and including too many small rooms. It's very, very hard to make a good realistic map that is mostly indoors. I can't think of any Urban Terror ones except for subway.

Apart from that major initial mistake the rest of the map turned out well. It had a good sci-fi feel, and some nice detailing including curves. I also ended up making many of the textures myself which was an interesting learning experience.

In the end this map was too ambitious and took to long to produce. It never got further than a public beta and is lost to the mists of time, apart from a few screenshots.

Level Image