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Tubdm1 - The Vile's Anguish


Game: Quake3
Game Types: Deathmatch
Players: 2-6
Description: A small gothic dm map.
File: Download Tubdm1


Tubdm1 Image 1 Tubdm1 Image 2 Tubdm1 Image 3


I'd been messing around with mapping on and off for quite a while before releasing this, my first map. I tried Worldcraft, qoole and a few others but never really found anything that suited me until I stumbled on qeradiant for quake2. After that point the amount of work I put into mapping increased prodigiously.

Also around the time that I discovered radiant, id software hired Robert A. Duffy (the original author of qeradiant) to work on the editor for quake3. Of course as far I was concerned it was a brilliant decision.

Moving along several months to q3radiants release for quake3, I simply knew that I had to come up with something for it. After a lot of experimenting and testing I finally released this. It had several bugs, and in the broader scheme of things wasn't that great, but it was fun to play and the feedback I received spurred me on to do some more mapping.

I really should do another plain dm map one day. They're a great deal of a lot of fun to make.

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